Varnish printing application

Release time :2018-09-22Reading volume : 1546

The varnish not only increases the aesthetics of the pattern, but also increases the wear resistance of the pattern, improves the ability to prevent heat and moisture, and protects the product. The application of varnish can be selected according to actual requirements, mainly in the following 3 types.

1. Matt printing

The matt effect is printed with UV matte varnish. In contrast to ordinary varnish, this varnish reduces the gloss of the printed product, and this effect does not reflect light, which can better protect the eyes.

2. Partial printing

Partial printing is a partial varnish printing, and the contrast between the non varnish area and the varnish area forms a wonderful effect.

3. Full area printing

M88网址 Full area varnish printing is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of the product, the most common application on the tile, to improve the gloss of the product and to protect.