Printer daily problems and solutions

Release time :2018-11-06Reading volume : 1453

M88网址 In the daily use of the machine, due to improper operation, occasionally encounter some small problems, in order to be able to solve the problem in time, several common tips are as follows.

1. Color printing is uneven

Solution: Check if the led UV lamp is installed in balance.

2. The printing effect is rough

Solution: Check if the nozzle is calibrated and check if the basic step is calibrated.

3. The ink can‘t be cured

Solution: Check if there is ink or dust at the bottom of the led light.

M88网址 4. The print head is blocked

M88网址 Solution: Clean the print head with the cleaning solution

In fact, clogging of the printhead is a common problem. In addition to the Ricoh printhead, in the case of proper operation. Epson printheads are relatively easy to clog, and customers are advised to purchase printers for industrial printheads.