Head maintenance

Release time :2019-01-09Reading volume : 1391

The maintenance of UV printers is very important, and the print quality will be greatly improved. The maintenance of the printhead is the most important. If the printhead is used and maintained properly, it can be used for a long time, but incorrect operation will greatly reduce the life of the nozzle. The following are the 8 most likely behaviors that damage the printhead.

M88网址 1. Disassemble the circuit of the machine without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power. 

2. Fill in different batches of ink or use inferior ink.

3. Perform high-pressure air gun cleaning on the printhead.

4. The entire printhead is immersed in the cleaning solution.

M88网址 5. Leave the cleaning solution in the printhead for more than 48 hours, which will affect the printhead orifice.

M88网址 6. Use external force to adjust the position of the nozzle. 

7. Clean the printhead with ultrasonic cleaner for a long time.

M88网址 8. Clean the printhead with inferior cleaning solution