The quantity of head is mainly determined by the following factors:

1. Technology requirement

M88网址 If you need embossing and varnish, you need more heads.

2. Speed requirement

Increase the quantity of head to get faster speed.

3. Characteristic of the head

M88网址 Some head only print one color, and some can print more.


1. The long-established supplier experience will be richer and the technology will be more mature.

2. Visit the factory, on-site proofing, and intuitively to check the machine and supplier.

3. Price isnot the only criterion, after-sales service and machine quality are more important.


1. The operator must be trained, then can print out good effect.

M88网址 2. Some materials need to be sprayed evenly, then print the on the surface.

3. The quality of the ink is important, it's best to use the ink provided by the factory.

4. If the image has a higher pixel, the printing effect will be better.